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An   Elephant - Astronaut [caption id="attachment_194" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] An Elephant -astronaut  - still in the making of a story ...[/caption]     who had a friend a banana tree ...

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    Stretching Wings

                    ” The wings that stretch”

                                          ( Οι φτερούγες που τεντώνουν)

    My friend  Christina  (@iprigipessa , blog here ) who is a very talented blogger, mother and inspirational creature in general, one day impulsively she wrote a magnificent text about a Mother’s thinking while preparing her child for the first day at school (while the child keeps responding to all the mother doubts and fears…in a humorous way).

    When I read it, I was really touched and awakens my emotions (since I have a child in that age too…) and decided that I wanted to illustrate it – no matter what.

    Here are some of my illustrations (but only 3 of them since it is my recent work and still under the creation process…)

    take a look- and tell me what emotion evokes to you…





  • children 's book illustrations,  Creative

    An Elephant astronaut

    An   Elephant – Astronaut

    This Artwork is my participation on the ILLUSTRATORS WALL in Bologna (April 24th – August 31st 2021 ) in Bologna  at Children’s Book Fair





    Out in the desert and in the wilderness , lived an Elephant and a Banana tree..

    They were close friends.

    One day the Elephant had a strange dream…

    He dreamt of flying in the Universe and around were shining stars

    He was wearing  his astronaut uniform but it happened to be really small…

    -” What is going on here, where am I ?”.. the elephant asked himself…”

    (to be continued…)



    Some pics of  the making progress…