“Diamonds are forever “…but I am NOT


Diamonds are forever …but I am NOT!

” Diamond or Pencil  …it is a matter of pressure and temperature …”


“The minerals diamond and graphite have the same chemical composition. They are both crystalline forms of Carbon. But they have different physical capacities. Diamond is the hardest mineral, it is transparent with an extremely strong glow. On the other hand, graphite is one of the softest minerals, it is black and dies easily (common pencils), it is opaque and has a minimum of glow. 

These extreme contrasts reflect the difference in crystallization conditions in terms of Pressure and Temperature.Ever since I came across this info I was profoundly impressed and has kept my mind thinking about it. Although I was reading about the chemical form of rocks, in a Geology book, I was feeling to read a Psychology, Philosophy or even a kind of self-help book…

What pressure have I suffered in terms of family, work and relationships?
Life has taught me that the only pressure that never ends is the pressure coming from within.

Also has  convinced me that there is no such thing as “early” or “late” to start with everything you love doing ! There are no “grades” or exams to worry about.
Adulthood, with any cost, allows you to do as you wish! (tweet this).

It is said that “Diamonds are girl ‘s best friends ” but this girl (me) Pencils are far more beloved friends! 

I want to write my story in graphite, erase and rewrite again… and I want to do it TODAY!

So follow along ..


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