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Stretching Wings

                ” The wings that unfold “

                                      ( Οι φτερούγες που τεντώνουν)

My friend  Christina  (@iprigipessa , blog here ) who is a very talented blogger, mother and inspirational creature in general, one day impulsively she wrote a magnificent text about a Mother’s thinking while preparing her child for the first day at school (while the child keeps responding to all the mother doubts and fears…in a humorous way).

When I read it, I was really touched and awakens my emotions (since I have a child in that age too…) and decided that I wanted to illustrate it – no matter what.

Here are some of my illustrations (but only 3 of them since it is my recent work and still under the creation process…)

take a look- and tell me what emotion evokes to you…

“My little, in your eyes I see all of the sky, I see the forests to grow and a world without deceit”

“-Mom, where do you see all these I am wondering?”


“My little , in your eyes I see the stars of the whole universe, I see schools and beautiful classrooms , and I see you making a new world”

“- Mom, Why to make a “new ” world ? This one is already so beautiful!”


” Look at the time! It ‘s nine o clock! Tell grandma a goodbye! I don ‘t want you to be late!”

“- So tell her, to stop kissing me then !”


“You are going to return where you belong, sweet start of a new beginning. I know, I am a little stressed myself.”

“-I see that Mom, I would say you have A LOT of stress! But, I am fine , you know!”

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