Some years ago I was writing a Blog about Art and Living with Art-making , my ideas and inspirations.

Some  articles of this Blog ( Game of paint ) were reposted at the the Medium platform and here it is a sample: 

All who postpone happiness, raise your hands.

If I draw one straight line and put your birth in one end and the day you ‘re gonna leave this earth on the other end,

are you willing to spot where you feel you are right now

Don’t rush to make a logical assumption, to take your age and the statistics about life expectancy in order to make your mark.

For this question you can skip maths.

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The Body and the Beast

Only recently, I convinced myself to join the swimming pool in order to have some exercise.

I will dare to share with you my experience of this first visit, which was indeed — in art-making terms- inspirational!

I admit that I am not an athletic type of person and I never was a member of an athletic team.

Also, I confirm that I do not have a problem with naked bodies or of my body being naked on a beach or in the changing rooms of the shops among other people.

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A moment of silence for the person you were told that you are

Parents have the best intentions.

From day 1 in life, everybody that consists our close family environment works continuously and without realising it, for one purpose:To transform you into something different than the magical creature you were born.

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