Mixed media work with analogical and digital technique, that started with a quick  sketch of Audrey in Watercolour.

Then I thought of making this kind of poster.

I have included  some of the most famous film titles and in simple sketches the most characteristics and stylish poses with the sun-glasses and the other with the cigar! The dress was a bonus !





I feel that Tesla is  the “Van Gogh of Science“. Personal opinion.

His life was full of disappointments, failures, and he died alone.

He never received the recognition he deserved in his living years.

That gives me a romantic feeling for this  great scientist and  I chose pink for my colour pallet.



OK something Bold and flamboyant.




I read the biography of this great dancer and choreographer Isadora Dunkan (1877- 1927) when I was very young.

She was  inspired of  Ancient Greek choreographies and she was called “the bare foot dancer”. She was dancing in abandoned ancient temples at a time when a few people had some kind of admiration or knowledge about Antiquity.

I admired her passion for dancing, her inner fire and of course I was shocked about the tragedies in her life (lost both her children in a tragic accident)

and of course her death was so tragic like her whole life (drowned when her scarf was caught on one of the rear wheels of the sports car where she was riding).



“The Wind? I am the Wind.

The Sea and the Moon? I am the Sea and the Moon.

Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them.

Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea?

I dance what I am.”

                                                                                                Isadora Duncan 


I chose watercolour washes to bring out this etherial feeling for this woman’s dancing.


  • roberta

    So glad to notice that we share the same passion: Isadora. I’ve heard about her since a I was a little child. In my grandma’s house Isadora Duncan was a recurring subject (like Houdini was). I was three years old when I started dancing and the first time I’ve read the Victor Seroff’s book about her I was enthralled by her personality, her sparkling – but tragic – life and uncommon destiny. I was 15.

    • admin

      Thank you for commenting – I get so many spam that I can’t find easily the comments of real people about my content !
      I have the same impression for Isadora Duncan with her tragic life and the rare black and white images of her dancing in the ancient temples of Greece .. always coming to the same conclusion as very inspiring and a life well lived. Hope that you are still dancing ! thank you for stepping by!

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