“The minerals diamond and graphite have the same chemical composition. They are both crystallized forms of Carbon.

But they have totally different physical capacities:

Diamond is the hardest mineral, transparent, with an extremely strong glow. On the other hand, graphite is one of the softest minerals, it is black, dies easily (common pencils) and has the minimum of glow.

These extreme contrasts reflect the difference in crystallization conditions in terms of Pressure and Temperature.”

From the first time I came across this geological information, I gave it a totally metaphorical meaning.

I considered what kind of “pressure” have I suffered in terms of family, work and relationships.

Should I be a diamond by now or just a common pencil?

Life has taught me that the only pressure that is not beatable, is the pressure coming from within.

The pressure we decide to accept and put ourselves into competition in all the phases of our lives.

For many years I have accused the technocratic environment of my corporate job for causing big pressure to my creative side .

Long working hours with numbers, lead to a new cycle of pressure for the cancellation of dreams and the inability to make the slightest change in this routine…

Family issues proved I had not the “perfect” family of the commercial adds. The hunt for the “perfect” romantic relationship … Every field has caused me a kind of anxiety and consumption of my vital energy.

The diamond and the graphite has always been side by side.

Also has  convinced me that there is no such thing as “early” or “late” to start with everything you love doing ! There are no “grades” or exams to worry about.
Adulthood, with any cost, allows you to do as you wish! (tweet this).

It is said that “Diamonds are girl ‘s best friends ” but this girl (me) Pencils are far more beloved friends! 

I want to write my story in graphite, erase and rewrite again… and I want to do it TODAY!

So follow along ..