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    The Zante Yard



    This is the  yard I have spend most of my  Summers  as a child!

    Going back to the places you have lived as a child is always a good way to connect your past with the present self!

    Zakynthos-( Greece) ,is the island I have spent the majority of my childhood Summers.

    That means -only for me -that this island is beyond every comparison!

    (Of course, I am subjective as much as anyone can be! Daaah )

    Even the air smells “better” than anywhere else on the earth, at my island ( Fig and  Jasmin!)

    Going back to the Island  for one more Summer I verify that a big part of me, still feels 8 yrs old every time I visit this yard. It doesn’t matter that I am a grown up woman and I visit the yard with my own family and my 6yrs old son…

    At this place I am 8 again and  I know every corner of the garden, where the soil is darker and actually which tree has the same age as I am.

    Yes, there is especially a tree,  that we have the same age and I can spot the changes every year.

    The last year was a very special  for me as I decided to change career path and liberate myself from the corporate environment.

    Now I will pursuit a career that keeps me busy with drawing all the time !

    It was a difficult decision that took me years of postponing but it was what I was truly wanted.

    I found my tree high till the sky ,aiming higher like every year but this year a repulsive climbing plant whose leaves and branches, although very strong, neither smelled anything nor had any other use, had literally drowned my tree and had aggressively climbed almost 3 meters on it. Wherever they had gone, its branches had dried up, drowned out by this creeping nightmare…

    I knew how this tree was feeling!

    And you can’t imagine how tough those branches were and how much work it required in order to cut and remove all those branches and liberate the tree again. Fortunately my husband undertook all the difficult part that required him to climb the ladder as high as 3 meters among other things.

    The tree is beautiful and free again.

    Some branches were cut but new branches are growing too.

    LIFE, with twists and folds, with bruises and marks always goes on.