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    The Camping experience


    This  Summer I made it to live one of my dreams, which was spending some days in a van and living in a camping ,next to the sea !

    It was beyond good! It was great! Although some of the comforts I used to have when I was living in a room were absent … I had multi rewards by living inside the nature, 30 steps from the blue sea and living in a kind of community  where you can stay alone or find a neighbour to talk to or have a beer any time …









    Wish you that this Summer has left you a salty taste on the lips !!



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    Lisbon II – PORTUGAL


    Lisbon is a city that I would love to spend some months or years of my life. It was perfect match for me and nurtured my inspiration in many ways.

    I was amazed from the  food, culture and architecture and I visited a fantastic museum of medieval carriages , which was really , really impressive! Check here if you are interested this strange theme Museum.