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    Copenhagen – DENMARK


    Copenhagen – Hans Christian Andersen’s  home town –

    A city like fairy tale.

    The rooftops of the buildings was the most inspiring  of all and if you look my sketch book of  Copenhagen this is how it looks :


    I should not forget  to mention the unparalleled Design, that of the Scandinavian countries – an ode to practicality!

    And the dreamy  National Gallery – especially the section with the  Danish painters I visited and I was really amazed !!

    You can get an idea here from the official site of the National Gallery.

    What was really new for me was how Danish people were visiting the National Gallery:

    There were  comfortable large sofas in the rooms,  that you could sit and stare the paintings for hours in a really comfortable and  relaxing way like you were in your living room! Also in all theGallery there where many many babies, toddlers and children crawling at the floors and interact with the view of those great paintings!



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    Lisbon II – PORTUGAL


    Lisbon is a city that I would love to spend some months or years of my life. It was perfect match for me and nurtured my inspiration in many ways.

    I was amazed from the  food, culture and architecture and I visited a fantastic museum of medieval carriages , which was really , really impressive! Check here if you are interested this strange theme Museum.